Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 700 Club

I was flipping channels the other day and didn't see much to watch. I turned the tv to ABC family since there was 15 minutes til Gilmore Girls. (Yes, I like that show...but mostly only the newest episodes because I like to admire Rory's dresses) Anyways, the 700 Club was on and that man made me so mad!

There was a questions from a viewer that was talking about how her relationship with her fiance is wonderful; however she is a devout Catholic and her fiance is an atheist. She wanted to know if the differences in their beliefs would harm their relationship down the road.

The host (I'm sorry I do not know his name) of the show said that he does not believe this relationship will ever work because if her fiance does not worship God than he worships the DEVIL! This is not a fair comment!!!!

I am not a very religious person. Religion in general confuses me and I have a hard time believing whole-heartedly in any particular religion. I'm not educated massively on worldwide religion but I have taken a few religion classes, I've been to many Buddhist seminars, and I try to read the Bible and extract as much information that I can... I just try to be the best person I know how to be. I do not "worship" God but that certainly does not mean I worship the Devil! I'm so confused by religion in general and I did not like that 700 man's comment at all!

Any thought about this?!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

In my life at this very moment I have so much going on it's funny actually!

Firstly, I am almost done with school! I have 4 finals to study for, 3 major papers to finish, and 3 smaller projects that are easy, but time consuming. I'm about the graduate which is exciting. I'm excited to be welcomed into the new world as a graduate.

Next, I quit Islands and will start working at California Pizza Kitchen very shortly!!!! AHHH! I'm so excited. This is a huge deal for me... Islands has been my home for the past six years! It's time to more on... it's going to be fantastic!

Uhm... Amber is packing all her things and taking her kiddies with her to IDAHO! All the fabric business will be handled by me... alone. There hasn't been much action lately, but I'm sure it'll pick up! I'm so sad about this.

SwirlyDesigns will hopefully have some metal stamping stuff up soon! I've been practicing... I love it.

Steven and I started a garden! We planted tomatoes, jalapenos, snow peas, and carrots! I can't wait for them to start sprouting. I commonly go in and out of gardening phases, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this project! I call the seeds my babies!

These are major transitions in my life! I'm so stressed and at the same time so anxious! I can't wait to be finished with finals and start my new job!!!