Monday, April 20, 2009

This week...

SO I have an 8 page term paper due Wednesday! I've been procrastinating from about 12 weeks! We were assigned the paper the first day of school. I'm lacking major motivation. I have, however, completed 90% of the research, made a rough skeletal outline, and completed the intro paragraph. After this paper is finished I only have about 1,978,472 other school assignments to complete within the next 3 weeks!

Other than the lame-O school stuff... Can you tell I'm waaaaayyy ready to graduate?!

... Thursday will be a fun day! I'm getting my hair a much need trim and color revamp! woo hoo! I've been feeling so BLAH about my hair. Then I'm having dinner with my grandma. I'm excited for that!

Saturday is Dusty and Heather's wedding in Fresno. They're just the cutest couple ever! I'm excited to see Steven's family plus I LOVE weddings. They're always so charming and elegant and I can't wait til the day I get married! I have a super cute dress for the wedding and I haven't worn it yet. It's hanging in plastic in my closet just awaiting me.

The puppies are happy to be home it appears. I love waking up surrounded by them. The other day I awoke to Russell on my head! I'm sure they're loving the heat as well!

Next Monday is my second interview with a new job option. If that doesn't work out I found a cool reading teaching thing I could apply for. The money was good, but the hours and the distance is not. Either way ... will I be at Islands this summer? I'm not so sure about that. It's time to get a move on while I can. I didn't go to college for five years to have the same job I got when I was in high school! Ahh! Thinking about it makes me soooo turned off.

Friday, April 17, 2009


That's what you call it! This is my favorite picture of us! (I thought it was about time something other than the puppies were up here!)

It says a lot about who we are ... casual, silly, outdoor-sy, in love. We were skating at Venice Beach. And this is my other favorite!!! We were on Princess Cruise ship on the way to MEXICO!! Oh man, that was such a fun week! (And I love my hair in this picture as well)

Last night Steven and I made dinner for my family! That makes two nights in a row! The night before we made delicious meatball sanwiches. Last night we had rice, grilled asparagus, and 2 types a chicken! I made buffalo chicken. And Steven made a special "everything you could find in the cabinet" chicken. It was so yummy! I wish I had pictures to show you! After dinner we watched The Tale of Desperaux. Overall, it was cute; however, a little odd. Dreamworks is putting their own spin on fairytales... which is cool (I love Shrek) but Despereaux might take some getting used to. I love the Disney version of fairy tales... because of their happy endings and dream-like worlds, yet those too have some down falls. ehh.. Can't win them all!

I love Steven and our movie nights! I had to post this picture too! Last year Steven wanted to share his love of flying airplanes with me. We went to Santa Paula and I learned how to fly a Cessna!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Come Home....

For a over a year now the puppies have been rotating houses. The puppies stay two weeks with me and two weeks over there (with Jeff an ex of mine). They have been gone for 11 days now and I will pick them up on Saturday!

They need to come home!! We have so much fun together going to the dog park, the turtle park, and long walks! In the next two weeks I'm hoping the weather is nice so we can go to the beach; however, we are definitely going fishing at Castaic Lake! yay! Russell and Mochi will love it!!!

I set up a new toy area for Mochi! It's a plastic bag container that I bought from IKEA! I drilled it (well, when I say "I"... I actually mean my Steven Boyfriend) ... drilled it to the wall near the floor. My Mochi will be able to get some toys out... but some he won't and this contraption will keep him occupied for quite some time! I will post pictures of Mochi playing when he returns!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Children

These are my two babies! Yes, in fact, I gave birth to them from my very own WOMB! *shrug* Well, you know.... as least I love them as if I did!

Mochi is the Dachshund and Russell is the Yorkie! This picture was taken a few years ago at Halloween. Browsing through old pictures just gave me a rush of memories, both wonderful and not so wonderful. A lot has happened since Halloween 2006... including Russell's accident. To be fair to Mochi, I better post a different picture. As you might be able to tell... he did NOT enjoy that pumpkin costume! Here is Mochi and his "pretty please play with me" face!

Yep! He's a cute one! He's a blue and tan dachshund. I'd say about 13 pounds. He's lean and long but all muscle! He's so alive with enthusiasm. Mochi loves sun bathing, eating (A LOT), and snuggling under the blankets. Are you ready for the current Russell? It's no shocker to me; however, in public he is the headline of all conversations, especially at the dog park!

Isn't he the most adorable doggie ever! (No offense to dog owners everywhere) He's my lucky star! I've heard it all... "that dog has an underbite", "that dog has a funny shaped head", "alien dog" ... and some don't even notice! Russell was attack by a raccoon and his nose and 3/4 his maxilla was bit off! He has no nose... He doesn't smell... Dogs breathe through their mouths... No, it won't grow back (BELIEVE me, a surprisingly large number of people asked if it was going to grow back!!!) He's one happy doggie! Don't feel bad for him! He is on the shy side. That's always been a part of his personality though, not a result of the accident!

I love my puppies! Come home soon!!