Monday, April 20, 2009

This week...

SO I have an 8 page term paper due Wednesday! I've been procrastinating from about 12 weeks! We were assigned the paper the first day of school. I'm lacking major motivation. I have, however, completed 90% of the research, made a rough skeletal outline, and completed the intro paragraph. After this paper is finished I only have about 1,978,472 other school assignments to complete within the next 3 weeks!

Other than the lame-O school stuff... Can you tell I'm waaaaayyy ready to graduate?!

... Thursday will be a fun day! I'm getting my hair a much need trim and color revamp! woo hoo! I've been feeling so BLAH about my hair. Then I'm having dinner with my grandma. I'm excited for that!

Saturday is Dusty and Heather's wedding in Fresno. They're just the cutest couple ever! I'm excited to see Steven's family plus I LOVE weddings. They're always so charming and elegant and I can't wait til the day I get married! I have a super cute dress for the wedding and I haven't worn it yet. It's hanging in plastic in my closet just awaiting me.

The puppies are happy to be home it appears. I love waking up surrounded by them. The other day I awoke to Russell on my head! I'm sure they're loving the heat as well!

Next Monday is my second interview with a new job option. If that doesn't work out I found a cool reading teaching thing I could apply for. The money was good, but the hours and the distance is not. Either way ... will I be at Islands this summer? I'm not so sure about that. It's time to get a move on while I can. I didn't go to college for five years to have the same job I got when I was in high school! Ahh! Thinking about it makes me soooo turned off.

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