Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Children

These are my two babies! Yes, in fact, I gave birth to them from my very own WOMB! *shrug* Well, you know.... as least I love them as if I did!

Mochi is the Dachshund and Russell is the Yorkie! This picture was taken a few years ago at Halloween. Browsing through old pictures just gave me a rush of memories, both wonderful and not so wonderful. A lot has happened since Halloween 2006... including Russell's accident. To be fair to Mochi, I better post a different picture. As you might be able to tell... he did NOT enjoy that pumpkin costume! Here is Mochi and his "pretty please play with me" face!

Yep! He's a cute one! He's a blue and tan dachshund. I'd say about 13 pounds. He's lean and long but all muscle! He's so alive with enthusiasm. Mochi loves sun bathing, eating (A LOT), and snuggling under the blankets. Are you ready for the current Russell? It's no shocker to me; however, in public he is the headline of all conversations, especially at the dog park!

Isn't he the most adorable doggie ever! (No offense to dog owners everywhere) He's my lucky star! I've heard it all... "that dog has an underbite", "that dog has a funny shaped head", "alien dog" ... and some don't even notice! Russell was attack by a raccoon and his nose and 3/4 his maxilla was bit off! He has no nose... He doesn't smell... Dogs breathe through their mouths... No, it won't grow back (BELIEVE me, a surprisingly large number of people asked if it was going to grow back!!!) He's one happy doggie! Don't feel bad for him! He is on the shy side. That's always been a part of his personality though, not a result of the accident!

I love my puppies! Come home soon!!

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