Friday, April 17, 2009


That's what you call it! This is my favorite picture of us! (I thought it was about time something other than the puppies were up here!)

It says a lot about who we are ... casual, silly, outdoor-sy, in love. We were skating at Venice Beach. And this is my other favorite!!! We were on Princess Cruise ship on the way to MEXICO!! Oh man, that was such a fun week! (And I love my hair in this picture as well)

Last night Steven and I made dinner for my family! That makes two nights in a row! The night before we made delicious meatball sanwiches. Last night we had rice, grilled asparagus, and 2 types a chicken! I made buffalo chicken. And Steven made a special "everything you could find in the cabinet" chicken. It was so yummy! I wish I had pictures to show you! After dinner we watched The Tale of Desperaux. Overall, it was cute; however, a little odd. Dreamworks is putting their own spin on fairytales... which is cool (I love Shrek) but Despereaux might take some getting used to. I love the Disney version of fairy tales... because of their happy endings and dream-like worlds, yet those too have some down falls. ehh.. Can't win them all!

I love Steven and our movie nights! I had to post this picture too! Last year Steven wanted to share his love of flying airplanes with me. We went to Santa Paula and I learned how to fly a Cessna!!

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